Public financing

This Project, with file number IN852A 2018/14, has been subsidized in the Conecta Peme 2018 call by the Galician Innovation Agency, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry. Co-financed by the European Union ERDF funds.

Project description

This project addresses four relevant and current research challenges in which it is intended to make contributions and develop technology that advances the state of the art today, namely:

  1. Smart Planning
  2. Semantic Path Labeling.
  3. Representation and efficient storage of trajectories.
  4. Automated Software Development

The scientific-technological advances that are intended to be carried out in these four research challenges constitute the 4 Research Objectives or transversal of the project.

The results of the first three research objectives will allow the creation of the different software modules that an advanced Mobile Worker Management (GTM) application would need to enable the planning, monitoring and storage and exploitation of the daily work of each worker. To mobile. Thus, with these modules, three prototypes of GTM applications adapted, each of them, will be implemented to the needs of one of the three non-ICT companies in the consortium. These three prototypes, which will have a common software architecture, constitute the 3 Technological or Vertical Objectives of the project and will serve to test and validate the technologies resulting from the first three research challenges.

On the other hand, its properly encapsulated software modules will be used to create a fourth prototype for the consortium’s ICT company, but instead of being a GTM application, it will be a Tool for the Generation of GTM Applications, which we will call HGAGTM and which constitutes the Final Objective of the project. For the creation of HGAGTM, not only the previously created components will be needed, the result of the first three research challenges, and tested through their use in the three prototypes of GTM applications, but it will also be necessary, obviously, to address the fourth research challenge.

Participating Entities

The GEMA project involves four companies and a subcontracting technology center that collaborates with the four companies:

  • Gestora de subproductos de Galicia, S.L.
  • Enxenio S.L.
  • A0 Mayores Servicios Sociales, S.L.
  • Taprega Prevención de Riesgos, S.L. Centro Tecnológico de la Universidade da Coruña (CITIC).

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