Logistics centres: Lugo and Ourense

For a complete collection service of by-products, SANDACH, from livestock farms in our community Gesuga built 2 Intermediate Plants:

In Vilamarín, Ourense, that will be the base for collection routes in the province of Ourense, south of Lugo and a part of Pontevedra.

SANDACH Authorization: S32087004

Plot of 5700 sq metres with a built area of 650 sq metres.

Parque empresarial Villamarín
Parcelas 44-45 – Ourense
Telf y Fax: +34988202200
GPS: N 42º 41,926′ W 7º 20,918′

In Outeiro de Rei, Lugo, which will be the base for the practical totality of collection routes in the province of Lugo.

SANDACH Authorization : S27039003

Parque empresarial Matela – S1

27150 – Outeiro de Rei – Lugo
GPS: N 43º 11,720′ W 7º 59,421′

This project supposes an improvement in collection logistics and, what is more important, an upgrading of biosafety measures in the process as it reduces the number of lorries going to the transformation plant in Cerceda, thus diminishing the risk of pollution.

The lorries coming from the different collection routes arrive at the intermediate plant at first time in the evening. After the weighing and documental control they unload in the ditch onto a trailer lorry with basin that takes the animal by-products to the transformation plant located in Cerceda.

Afterwards all vehicles are washed and disinfested at the centre of washing and disinfection inside the industrial unit.

Besides that, and for the treatment of the waste waters of the process, a purification system was built with a treatment capability of 20 cubic metres a day.

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