At present Gesuga counts with a fleet of 54 vehicles. The lorries, besides being airtight, are equipped with a crane, bascule and communications systems.

This allows the optimization of the routes in real time depending on service demands.

Besides that, it counts with 5 tractor heads, to transport the material daily from the intermediate plants to the processing plants in Cerceda.

Disinfection systems

The operations that are carried out in order to collect carcasses into containers constitute an exposure to chemical agents (disinfectant) and biological ones (microbian and parasital intestinal flora mainly) highly pathogenic. Direct contact with the referred material (bodies of dead animals at livestock farms) implies high risk of personal contamination. That is why Gesuga has established a rigorous protocol of preventive measures in what respects vehicle operators, as well as their control and monitoring, thus achieving the strictest compliance with biosafety.

In Gesuga, following the biosafety protocol established in our company, all vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

In this sense we have implemented a novel autonomous system of disinfecction and disinsectization. The afore said system consists in sprinklers that are activated from the interior of the cabin, and which are located on the wheels’ mud flaps and in the inside of the box lorry. This way the vehicle operator avoids getting in touch with the contaminated area.

Front wheels disinfection:

Rear wheels disinfection:

Besides this, at each of the different intermediate plants there are homologated washing and disinfection centres, where daily cleaning of the interior and the exterior of the vehicles is carried out according to current regulations.