Code of conduct

The GESUGA Board of Directors, within the framework of its Regulatory Compliance Program, has approved a “Code of Conduct and Good Corporate Practices” which defines the general principles and guidelines for responsible behavior that guide the company’s work and its relationship with third parties

All members of the GESUGA team, from administrators and directors to staff, are obliged to maintain high standards of ethical behavior, and to always act, both internally and externally, according to the general principles contained in this Code. Legality, respect, equality of treatment, integrity and transparency guide all the company’s decision-making processes and its actions wherever it operates.

At GESUGA, we expect professionals and the companies with whom we work to also align their behavior with the principles and values ​​on which our regulatory compliance culture is based.


Whistleblower Channel

For its staff and the third parties with which it relates (client companies, suppliers, etc.), GESUGA provides an online tool that can be safely and securely used to report any behavior that breaches the company’s Code of Conduct, its internal regulations or applicable law. The Whistleblower Channel is also open for complaints, concerns, questions or suggestions about GESUGA’s Regulatory Compliance Program.

All these communications will be confidentially received and processed by the person responsible for the company’s Regulatory Compliance, in accordance with the provisions that regulates the operation of the channel.

The Whistleblower Channel is thus established as an effective tool for consolidating a culture of compliance in GESUGA and ensuring that its Code of Conduct is implemented and, moreover, as an effective system for the early detection of possible illicit, irregular and/or criminal behavior within the organization, complying with the requirements of the current Criminal Code in matters of criminal liability.