Company sources commented that it is only separating the places where the processes are carried out.

The company Xestora de Subprodutos de Galicia (Gesuga), located in Cerceda, is doing the paperwork in order to reorder its treatment plants. The Secretaría Xeral de Calidade e Avaliación Ambiental subjects the project to public exposition because it deals with a substantial modification of the integrate environmental authorization.

The project consists in the building of a new plant for the treatment of meat by-products which are not intended for human consumption, although it will not imply an increase in the treatment capability. Company sources commented that it only is the separation of the places where processes are carried out.

The documentation may be consulted by the people interested on the web site of the Consellería de Medio Ambiente Territorio e Infraestruturas.

La Voz de Galicia, 5th September, 2015