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Radio Voz – “Majority of companies are involved in the caring and protecting of the environment”

In this way spoke Marianela Rodríguez, directress of the company Gesuga, when taking part in the programme “Ecovoz” broadcast by Radio Voz Galicia.

In the course of her intervention, she remembered the crisis generated by BSE in which she framed the activity developed since then by Gesuga, entity in charge of the correct treatment of the […]

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La Voz de Galicia – «Everything that is controllable can always be made better in the long term»

Marianela Rodríguez (Ferrol, 1970) is the directress of Gesuga, Xestora de Subprodutos de Galicia, located in Cerceda.

– How was Gesuga born?

-It was born in 2002, above all because of the bovine spongiform encephalopathy disease, which everybody knows as the mad cow disease. This point marked a before and an after in the treatment of meat by-products. We are dedicated […]

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La Voz de Galicia – Gesuga begins doing the paperwork in order to reorder its treatment plants in Cerceda

Company sources commented that it is only separating the places where the processes are carried out.

The company Xestora de Subprodutos de Galicia (Gesuga), located in Cerceda, is doing the paperwork in order to reorder its treatment plants. The Secretaría Xeral de Calidade e Avaliación Ambiental subjects the project to public exposition because it deals with a substantial […]

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La Voz de Galicia – A delegation from the Azores islands visited Cerceda to know Gesuga’s system

The authorities of the Portuguese archipelago are interested in setting up a similar plant.

A numerous delegation of the government of the Azores islands, composed by politicians and livestock farmers and headed by the general director of the archipelago’s Rural Development, Joaquim Mario Grilo Pires, yesterday visited the facilities of the Xestora de Subproductos de […]

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La Voz de Galicia – «We will export our techniques and our knowledge»

Interview | Marianela Rodríguez Ferreiroa
The company in Cerceda obtains biofuel and flour to make cement with the animal remains from Galician livestock farms.

The crisis of the mad cow disease put them on the front pages, but animal residues are an old problem in the livestock farming sector. The EU demands a strict protocol when […]

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La Voz de Galicia – A Galician company will manage the livestock residues of Polish farmers

Romania is another potential market for the sector, where Sogama is already present. Visecorsa will build three plants to collect dead livestock in four provinces of the country.

The mad cow crisis, which menaced all of Europe almost ten years ago, marked a change without reverse gear in the livestock farming world. The prohibition of burning or […]

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